What is Singapore Pools?

Playing different casino games is a great way for people to risk some money for enjoyment and have the chance to make some money. In fact, several gamblers even aim to play a few specific games to win some money. One game is baccarat, where people will even play baccarat online through a trusted online casino. However, some bettors prefer betting on sports more than gambling through casino games.

Gamblers and sports bettors can register in an online casino to start betting, especially since bettors can access a reliable sportsbook through them. However, Singaporean bettors may have problems regarding this since bettors are technically prohibited from betting outside of the legal betting option in the country.

Singapore Pools is a lottery subsidiary company in Singapore and is also the only legal betting option in the country. Singapore Pools offers bettors the option to play the lottery, bet on sports, and even do these online through its remote gambling offerings. By being the only legal betting option in the country, Singapore Pools serves to combat illegal gambling in the country and to provide a safe betting avenue for Singaporean bettors.

However, many bettors continue to bet through foreign sportsbooks despite this, mainly because there are more options in foreign sportsbooks than in Singapore Pools. The options in Singapore Pools tend to be lacklustre when compared to the sports and betting markets offered by many of the foreign sportsbooks out there. People can also start betting at age 18 through online sportsbooks, while Singaporeans can only bet once they’re 21.

Singaporean bettors can risk betting on online casinos and sportsbooks if they want, but they can still bet legally through Singapore Pools. To know more about the betting scene in Singapore and the options people have for betting, see CM2Bet’s infographic on what Singapore Pools is.


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