The Wish list of gamblers 

Too many people daydreaming appears to be a waste of time. This does not stop them from doing so. In gambling, many aspects are beyond your control and some out of reach. Some items in the wish list in the domain of gambling you can control. Most players try hard to know the return to player percentage of slot machines, most casinos do not provide it, but fortunately, some elite ones like fun88 bet (เดิมพัน fun88) do showcase the RTP of the virtual slot machines.

Display of RTP

The prime reason for not displaying the RTP rate is it would scare away the players instead of attracting them. The first thing is that the outcome is determined by the RNG mechanism that is completely random. Secondly, the RTP rate of slot machines is around 89%. That is, it returns the above-mentioned percentage of total bet money over a period. This RTP percentage is applicable to all slot machines, whether land-based, online, or smartphone. Though of the high house edge, most players love to play slot machines, which could be a stimulus s to manufacturers to develop more competitive slot machines.

You have no control over the RTP rate of slot machines but can keep a watch on whether casinos are offering blackjack card games with 60 to 5 payout. The casino industry is agile and quick to adopt new marketing strategies. If the old method does not fetch the expected revenue, they innovate ways that generate more cash. In blackjack, bettors ceased to play 6 to 5 blackjack. Casinos would stop offering the game to gamblers. But it is not expected to occur soon as most card players play this version of blackjack. If you bet $10 per hand in 6 to 5 versions, you get $12. On the other hand, 3 to 2 blackjack offers $15 on the same amount of bet. Next time you get to the blackjack table, opt for the 3 to 2.

Removing Double Zero

There is another choice regarding the roulette game. American roulette is available because bettors still put a stake in it. If gamblers completely ignore this roulette version, it would cease to exist. European roulette does not guarantee a win, but winning potential is far better than the American counterpart. The double zero on the roulette wheel increases the RTP from 95% to 97.3%. In American roulette, you win eighteen out of thirty-eight times. On the other hand, you win eighteen out of thirty-seven times in the European version.

The Pay Table in Video Poker 

Every video poker comes with a single paytable and would best one is one on the wish list of many gamblers. Most video poker does not incorporate the best paytable the gamblers wish. In jacks or better video poker, the incorporated paytable is 9/6, but the 7/5or8/5 gives you a better prospect of winning. The house would generate enough profit if there were 7/5or8/5 paytables in video poker, along with a better prospect of a win for players. When players lose interest in one video poker, it is often replaced by a slot machine rather than a video poker machine. For fun88 bet (เดิมพัน fun88) visit the site today.

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