Learn the Latest UK 49s Lunch Time Lottery Results on YesPlay from Your Smartphone!

Checking the latest results of your favorite lottery draw is one of the most exciting parts of this type of gambling experience, second only to collecting the prize payout itself! Regardless of where they live or what lottery game they choose to play, every lotto bettor in the world wants to be the first to learn they have won a handsome reward that will change their lives for the better. Unfortunately, this is not always possible if the bettor cannot watch the draw of this chosen game live and has to wait for the results to be published on the official lottery website or in the newspaper, many an hour or even a day later.

The good news for all South African gamblers is that placing bets on European lotteries and tracking the latest winning numbers online has become easier thanks to the convenient and accessible YesPlay betting service. The platform allows users to manage their bets in a fast and easy way and monitor the latest lottery results from any place and device 24/7!

What is UK 49s Lunchtime?

UK49s Lunchtime is a popular European lottery draw held every day at 14:49 SAST. The game is unique in the way that it allows players to choose how much their wager should be – depending on how big a potential prize payout they want to get – and also how many numbers to involve in the bet. 

Six regular numbers and a bonus Booster ball are drawn from a pool of balls numbered 1 to 49. On YesPlay, bettors from South Africa have the option of playing with between 1 and 6 numbers, plus they can choose from a variety of additional bets like Unlucky numbers, Lowest and Highest balls, Divisible numbers, and many more. To score a cash prize, all of the player’s numbers must match those drawn in the game.

Why choose YesPlay?

On YesPlay, you can get the latest lunch time results and UK 49s winning numbers within just minutes of their official release. All essential statistics related to this and hundreds of other exciting lottery games from across the world are updated continuously on the platform, so you will always know how things are going with the bets you have placed.

YesPlay is a handy service for checking past results for each domestic and foreign lottery available to SA online bettors. View detailed historical statistics for your chosen game with a breakdown of Hot/Cold numbers and use this data to make your future lotto predictions more accurate.

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